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With app version 1.68, we are introducing B1 Custom Lineups. With Custom Lineups you can now create session groups ahead of time in the Team Portal that will then sync down to the Trackman Baseball app on iPad. These lineups will be available to select from within the app during session creation.

Please note that ONLY Admin users can create and edit lineups within the Team Portal.


  • To get started, head to the Team Portal and from the Management drop-down menu, select B1 LineupsScreenshot 2024-01-11 143820.png



  • Once on the B1 lineup screen, click the '+New Lineup' button to create a lineupScreenshot 2024-01-11 144606.png
  • You will have the option to select from a hitting, pitching or both hitting & pitching lineup. For a LiveAB session, you can select a pitching and a hitting lineup in the app.Screenshot 2024-01-11 144015.png
  • Once you have added all desired players, click on 'Save' in the bottom right corner.
  • Next, take your iPad with the Trackman Baseball app (minimum version 1.68) and connect the iPad to an internet source. Open up the app and allow it to complete its sync to the Trackman Cloud.
  • When starting a session you will be able to select from the lineups that were created in the Team Portal. You can also add additional players to the session if needed.Image.png

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