B1 | Setup & Configure Edgertronic With TrackMan B1 To Capture Video & Data

REMINDER: Do not use the Edgertronic power supply for B1 and vice versa. Each product has separate power requirements and interchanging power supplies will likely cause damage.


The TrackMan Portable system can control an external Edgertronic SC-1/SC-2 camera to automatically capture high-speed video of pitching/batting practice together with TrackMan data. The camera system is fully managed via the TrackMan Baseball application and videos are downloaded and viewed directly in the app after each pitch/hit. You do not need any additional personnel to trigger the camera or any laptop/PC to extract/videos from the SD card after a session. Videos are also synchronized to the cloud so they can be downloaded to other iPads at another location if needed.

Compatible Edgertronic Cameras

  • SC1
  • SC1+
  • SC2
  • SC2+

Recommended Router

GL.iNet GL-AR300M16-Ext.

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This setup guide explains how to install the necessary software, configure your camera to work with TrackMan and how to operate the system during a practice session.

1. One-time setup and configuration

  1.1 Confirm - and if necessary - install required camera software

  1.2 Configure your camera+wifi router to connect to a TrackMan B1

1.2.1 OPTION A - Configure GL AR-300M16-Ext

1.2.2 OPTION B - Corporate wifi network

2. Start a practice session with Edgertronic and TrackMan

  2.1 Pre-Session Checks & TrackMan Camera Extension File Installation

  2.2 Start a session and view video during a session

  2.3 After a session

NOTE: Only an SDHC card is supported by Edgertronic and NOT SDXC.

1. One-time setup and configuration

1.1 Confirm - and if necessary - install the required camera software

The camera must be running one of the following software versions:

  • 2.5.3rc27 or newer


Edgertronic Software Download

You can verify your version via the About tab in the Edgertronic WebUI. If you do not have version 2.5.3rc27 installed, please follow the Edgertronic instructions.



1.2 Configure your camera & wifi router to connect to a TrackMan B1

  • OPTION A: GL-AR300M16-Ext with external antenna wifi router. We have found this to be a more reliable and better-performing wifi router when on the field.
  • OPTION B: Connect your B1 and your Edgertronic to an existing corporate wifi network.

Follow *one* of the below options:


1.2.1 OPTION A - Configure GL AR-300M16-Ext

In this option, the B1 will be retained as an access point and GL AR-300M16-Ext will extend the B1 wifi. The TrackMan App will connect to the B1 wifi SSID.

  1. Connect the USB cable between the camera and GL AR-300M (to power the wifi router) but do *not* connect the ethernet cable yet. Power ON the camera (which will power on the wifi router)
  2. On your laptop/iPad connect to the GL AR-300M wifi SSID via the wireless connection menu (default wifi SSID and password is on the back of the wifi router)
  3. Open a web browser and go to (default wifi router IP address) and follow the initial screens to select the language and define an admin password.
  4. Go to More settings-> LAN IP and change the address to a static IP. The TrackMan B1 wifi hotspot is so you must use an IP in the same subnet as B1 - we recommend The wifi router will reboot after clicking "Apply".
  5. Reconnect to the GL AR-300M wifi SSID and then go to 
  6. Go to More settings-> network mode and change mode to become a wifi-extender (repeater) of the B1:
  7. Click "Next", select the B1 wifi SSID (usually “TMBXXXXX”) and enter the wifi password for the B1 and click Apply.
  8. Unplug power to the camera for a few seconds and then reconnect the power. Wait for ~45s while the camera and GL AR-300M boot (flashing red dot on the router means it finished booting and does not have internet connectivity = expected because it is a private wifi network with the B1)
  9. Connect the Ethernet cable between the camera and wifi router's LAN port(!) and wait until the Edgertronic camera displays a solid blue light = camera has acquired an IP address.
  10. This completes the one-time router setup.

NOTE: Optional in above step: Rename the GL AR-300M wifi SSID to something more distinguishable - for example "TMBXXX-Edger" (TMBXXX being the serial number for the connected B1). This makes it easier to identify which wifi hotspot to connect to when you are in a bullpen with multiple concurrent B1+ camera setups.


1.2.2 OPTION B - Corporate wifi network

  1. Connect your Edgertronic via Ethernet (or wifi router) to your corporate network.
  2. Determine the IP address of your Edgertronic camera using the SD card method as above (see step 13 in "Option A" above).
  3. Reconfigure your B1 to become a wifi-client of your corporate Network:
    1. Launch the TrackMan App and connect to the B1 as you would normally do
    2. Select the upper right menu -> TrackMan  and scroll down to the "Wireless Connection" section and select "Change connection mode":
    3. Follow the instructions. Note: You MUST ensure you enter the correct wifi SSID details otherwise your B1 will not be able to connect to the corporate network and you have to do a Factory reset to restore B1 to run in Wifi Access Point mode (default).
  4. Open your iPad settings app and change your wifi connection to your corporate network
  5. Open a Safari browser and enter the IP address from step2 and confirm you can view the Edgertronic webpage; this confirms your iPad, B1 and Edgertronic are all connected to the same network.


2. Start a practice session with Edgertronic and TrackMan

2.1 Pre-Session Checks & TrackMan Camera Extension File Installation

Follow these steps to setup all components before a session and to verify the most recent TrackMan Camera extension file is installed:

  1. Power on the B1.
  2. Connect the camera to wifi router via USB cable which provides power to the router. Do NOT connect the ethernet cable yet.
  3. Power on the camera which will also power on the wifi router. Wait for ~45 seconds to allow the camera and router to connect. You may see a flashing red light on the wifi router (GL AR-300M).
  4. Connect the Ethernet cable between wifi router LAN port and camera and wait until the Edgertronic camera displays a solid blue light to confirm it has acquired an IP address (usually within ~10 seconds)
  5. Open the iPad settings App and connect the wifi with the SSID:
    1. If you use GL AR-300M16-Ext connect to the router's wifi SSID
    2. If you usecorporate network use that SSID
  6. Launch the TrackMan App and tap on the camera icon in the upper right corner next to the B1 status. This will open the camera configuration screen:
    edger setup screen.png

  7. Tap on 'Discover a near-by camera' and wait for the app to discover the camera. Once the camera has been discovered, you should receive a popup as shown below:Untitled.png      
  8. Tap on Connect:
    1. NOTE: If no cameras are found during the discover camera process, you will have the option to use the Connect to the camera via IP address.
      1. Find the camera IP address on the SD card by plugging in the camera's SD card into a computer. The IP address should begin with 172.30.20.x and will stay the same as long as you keep the camera, SD card, and B1 together.
  9. Once the camera is connected, you will experience 3 flows:
    1. If your camera has the most up-to-date TrackMan camera extension file, you will be brought to the Camera Setup screen as seen in step 10 below.
    2. If your camera has an out-of-date TrackMan camera extension file, you will be prompted to install the new file directly through the app. Please note that the camera and router will reboot during this process and you'll need to re-connect to the network once both devices have powered back up.
    3. If your camera does not have a TrackMan camera extension file installed, you will be prompted to install the file directly through the app.
  10. After the app checks your camera extension version, you will be brought to the Camera Setup screen as seen below:Image (1).jpg
    1. We provide 3 TrackMan configurations - not all of them may work with your camera (for example 1280x720 @ 1000 FPS only works on SC-2 hardware).
    2. We also retrieve the *current* camera settings so if you desire a custom configuration you can first set up your custom config using the Edgertronic Web interface and then launch the Trackman App to use that setting. 
  11. If required you may also change the shutter speed and ISO
  12. Auto exposure - You can select from 3 options for this setting:
    1. Saturation
    2. Average
    3. Off
  13. Use the live video feed on the left side to verify the video being captured. Adjust your camera placement to ensure the desired action (for example ball release) is approximately in the center of the video and the camera lens is focused at ball release. Have a player on the mound extend their arm to simulate ball release.
  14. Tap done.

2.2 Start a session and view video during a session

You are now ready to start a session

  1. Tap the green start session button.
  2. On the session-type toggle the "Setup external camera" to ON which will then instruct the app to manage and control the Edgertronic camera to capture video while tracking data. 
  3. On the next screen, you then connect and configure the camera if you have not already done so. On this screen, you will also configure the clip duration (length of the video capture). The TrackMan app will automatically capture pitching video aligned around the time of release using a timeline where 0ms=release. You then configure begin of capture *before* release and the end of capture *after* release: 
  4. Remember, the longer the video clip and the higher the fps; the longer it will take to save the video. The background save feature will accommodate up to 5 concurrent videos being saved at one time.
  5. Optionally, select "full ball flight" which will generate a video with two segments:
    1. NOTE: Background save is not compatible with full ball flight at this time. When selecting full ball flight mode, you will need to wait for the video to save and transfer to the app before the camera is ready to capture the next video. 
    2. A high-FPS video as described above (green segment)
    3. A low-FPS video for the remainder of the ball flight (orange segment)
    4. The app will then merge these two segments into one single video you can play. Use this to capture the full ball-flight (crossing the plate) and at the same time have the camera ready for the next video capture in 10-12sec (subject to video length) 
  6. Tap "Next" in the upper right and your system is ready to capture data and video.
  7. Select the video dashboard and throw a pitch. When the B1 detects a pitch it will communicate with the camera to capture a video and automatically transfer the video to the app. You will see a progress indicator in the video section.
  8. Background Save experience
    1. The background save mode is always on by default when not using full ball flight mode. The background save follows the FIFO method (first in, first out) and can save up to 5 concurrent videos at one time.
    2. As videos finish the save process, you will notice the orange camera icon under the Pitch Count column change from orange to green. Once that happens a spot in the save queue is opened up for the next video.
    3. This means that as soon as the B1 is ready to capture the next pitch, the camera will be triggered and the video will be placed in the save queue. 
  9. Anytime before/during or after capturing a pitch you may tag the pitch. You can also view select pitch measurements next to the video
  10. The B1 system will always prioritize capturing data over video. When using full ball flight mode this means even if the camera is busy when a player throws a subsequent pitch the system will capture data for that pitch and if the camera is not ready then the pitch will not have any video associated.
  11. During a session you may make adjustments to video settings: Simply tap on the green camera icon to bring up the video configuration dialog and make necessary changes.
    1. Be aware while the video configuration dialog is open the system will not capture videos.

2.3 After a session

  1. When a session is complete, the app will upload both data and videos to the cloud so that you (coaches and optionally players if you grant them access) can view this information on their own iPad
  2. The app will always prioritize data upload and video upload can take anywhere from 5s to 20s per video depending on FPS and duration. You can view the video upload progress via the session sync details side pane. Remember to leave the app in the foreground and do not tap the device home button until all measurements and videos are synced. If needed you can also manually initiate an upload via the "Force Upload" button when connected to the internet:
    Image (2).png
  3. The TrackMan integration names the video files on the Edgertronic SD card to match the PlayID for each pitch/hit. Using the data CSV export for a session you can then lookup/match the video on the SD card.


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