B1 | February 2024 - Product Update

Edgertronic Integration v2.0

We are introducing 5 brand-new feature improvements to our Edgertronic and B1 integration. These features are available now by updating to the newest TrackMan Baseball app version, 1.69. To take advantage of these new features, you must update your Edgertronic software to version 2.5.3rc27 and install the most up-to-date TrackMan Camera extension file.

Hardware Update: We are no longer recommending the TP-Link router due to setup and connection issues. Instead we are recommending to only use the GL-AR300M16-Ext router. Information on the GL-AR router can be found in the setup guide linked below.

  • Background Save Mode
    • We have moved the video-saving functionality to the background, ensuring that all videos during a session are captured.
    • Captured videos will remain in the save queue until the process is completed. A maximum of 5 videos will enter the save queue at any given time.
    • At this time background save mode is not compatible with full ball flight mode.
  • Autoexposure in the App
    • Set the exposure of the Edgertronic camera directly in the app. Choose from Saturation, Average, or Off.
  • Camera Discovery in the App
    • An improved user experience when connecting the Edgertronic camera by using the new ‘Discover Camera’ button on the camera setup page.
  • Update the TrackMan Camera Extension in the App
    • Starting with app version 1.69, you can now install and update to the latest TrackMan camera extension file simply by connecting the camera to the app. 
    • Once the camera is connected to the app, an extension version check will be run to make sure you are using the latest available camera extension.
  • Improved Time Sync
    • With our newest camera extension file, we have reduced the time sync between the B1 and Edgertronic down to as low as 3 milliseconds. This allows for smaller, more accurate video clips.
    • Hardwiring all components can reduce the time sync to below 1 millisecond

To get started with the updated integration, be sure to follow our updated setup guide: B1 & Edgertronic Setup Guide


B1 Custom Lineups

Image (4).png

With B1 Custom Lineups, you can create custom lineups in the Team Portal that will be available for selection in the app. 

You can create 2 lineup types, Pitching & Hitting, and for LiveAB sessions you'll create both a pitching and hitting lineup for the session.

Please note that you must sync the app after the creation of the lineups in Team Portal.

View the setup guide here: B1 | Custom Lineups

Available now by updating to TrackMan Baseball app version, 1.69.

Other Updates

  • New pitch type — Sweeper
    • You can now tag a pitch during a session as a Sweeper. This will be reflected on the backend through reports and post-session data.
  • Custom Logo Overlay
    • Add your custom logo to videos that are shared directly from the app. Videos with the metric overlay will also be available in the post-session API at a later date. To get started follow this link: Custom Logo Overlay Setup
  • ICYMI - Video Metadata available in post-session API Feed
    • Metadata such as camera name, camera target, camera type, and more is available through the API feed. If you are interested in getting started with our API feed, please reach out to your account manager or local sales rep.

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