Tagging Page Troubleshooting Guide

Please see below some guidance for troubleshooting any issues you may have with the Tagging Page:

Loading the Tagging Page

  • The person who is tagging the game either must be an Admin or Stadium Tagger user labeled in the Team Portal.
  • Generally we recommend Google Chrome as the preferred web browser for the tagging page.
  • If the tagging page is stuck and no data is coming in, you can refresh the tagging page.

Reaching the Tagging Page

  • One of the reasons they may not be able to reach the tagging app would be they are not on the same network as the server.
    • If you go to command prompt and type in ipconfig, you can see what network you are on when you look at the IPV4 address.
    • This IP address should be similar to the one in your URL for the Tagging Page

Missing Data

  • One of the reasons why data would not be coming into the Tagging Page would be the radar being disconnected. Please ensure that the radar is operating as normal.
  • For a backfield setup, if data is not coming in, such as horizontal or vertical break you can re-seat the ethernet cables.
  • If you still experiencing issues you can Power cycle the radar. You will need to leave the radar off until you see that the lights are off on the radar. (This can take up to five minutes)

If you are still experiencing issues please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at Trackman Support for further assistance

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