B1 | Connecting to the B1 Wi-Fi


Please use the below steps to connect to your TrackMan B1 Wi-Fi.


1. Ensure that the B1 is powered on by pressing the power button on the underside of the unit. Note: It takes approximately 30 seconds for the unit to fully power on.

2. Once the unit is powered on, you should see a solid blue light on the underside of the unit next to the flashing power light.

3. Take your iPad and open up the Apple Settings app.

4. Go into Wi-Fi and look for your TrackMan B1 Wi-Fi.
The network name will follow this schema: TMBP ####-#### The # in the network name will be the serial number of your B1 unit that can be found on the underside of the unit.

5. Tap on the network to connect where you will be prompted to enter a password.

6. The default password is: password , but we recommend that you change it to be more secure. You can do so within the app.

7. Once connected to the B1 Wi-Fi, open up the TrackMan Baseball App.

8. Tap on the TrackMan icon in the upper right and select "Connect to TrackMan"

9. The app will connect to your B1 and you are ready to track!



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