Trackman Data API Introduction For Stadium V3 & Portable B1


The TrackMan Data API enables customers to integrate TrackMan ball tracking measurements and media data from our stadium (V3) and portable (B1) products with custom in-house applications. The Data API is an optional add-on component to our products and will roll-out gradually during 2021. 

Prior to using the TrackMan Data API, you must agree to and sign the Data API Terms Of Service. Contact your sales representative to review a copy of the ToS, learn more about costs for the Data API, what is included in your subscription and how to receive your credentials to access the Data API.


The TrackMan Data API provides access to 5 categories of content with target availability dates:

# When Type Content Product Release Date
1 Post session API
  • Pitch&hit composite images
  • Player Positioning images
  • Video of each play from PTU(Sep 2021)
Stadium V3 Feb 2021
2 Post session API
  • Pitch&hit videos (Edgertronic and/or iOS)
Portable B1 Feb 2021
3 Post session API
  • Session/game ball-tracking data (alternative to FTP/CSV)

Stadium V3

Portable B1

April 2023
4 In-session Feed
  • "Play-by-play" ball-tracking data
Stadium V3 Jan 2021
*5 In-session Feed
  • "Play-by-play" ball-tracking data
Portable B1 Q2, 2021


To use the post-session APIs you must request and use a set of credentials consisting of:

  • Client ID and secret - specific to these API endpoints 
  • Username and password - unique to your organization

Both of these must be kept secure; anybody with this information can access the API and query data belonging to your organization.

To use the In-session Feeds, you provide TrackMan with specific web-endpoints URL where TrackMan will publish the data; this acts like a "feed".


How to use the Post session API for images & videos access (#1,#2)

The attached TrackMan Baseball Data API - Quick Start 2.0 PDF contains a walk-through of the sequence of calls to authenticate, query, and download content via the TrackMan Data API.

We provide examples using curl but you can use whichever programming library and language used in your development environment. We also provide online docs with a swagger interface for ad-hoc testing/query (links in the PDF)

You can start development by accessing a TrackMan staging/test system to query for sample data using certain hardcoded query parameters. Once you have verified your code works as desired, you then can move to the production system to access your production data.. Refer to the PDF for more details.


How to use the In-session play-by-play API for stadium V3 (#4)

See this FAQ entry for details v3 Data Feeds FAQ


*How to use the In-session play-by-play API for the Portable B1 (#5)

See this FAQ entry for details TrackMan Data API - Play-by-Play for Portable B1 


*Use of the Play-by-Play feed requires purchase of the Data Access Package

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