B1 | How do I collect TMF's for troubleshooting tracking issues?

There are two scenarios where collecting TMF's (TrackMan Files) is required:

1) The B1 captures some but not all data points for a pitch/hit, you get many "reduced confidence" readings in the App, and/or you believe some of the measured data is incorrect.

In this case, you need to toggle ON sensor data collection while throwing/hitting and then continue a "normal" practice session with at least 20 ball-tracking events. Toggle ON by:

  • Tap the hamburger menu in upper-right->more->sync and switch the Upload TMF files to ON. You must be connected to a B1 system to have this option.


Be aware, when collecting sensor data there will be a latency before the B1 is ready for the next ball-tracking event; for pitching you need to wait for ~10s between each pitch (versus normal usage where we track events every ~4sec). If you pitch too fast the app will eventually display a warning about you have to stop pitching while data is transferring. You also should be placed close (<10ft) to the B1 as the system needs to transfer additional data. After your session, connect the iPad to the internet and the App will synchronize all collected data. Synchronization will take longer - simply leave the TrackMan App in the foreground with the iPad power plugged in (so the screensaver does not lock your screen) and let the App sync until you have a green cloud icon for successful sync.


2) The B1 does not track any pitch/hit. 

In this case, you must do a manual sensor data collection session while throwing/hitting. This step also requires your iPad to have a working email client so if you have not done so you must first set up your email on your iPad. Complete a manual sensor data collection by:

  • Tap the hamburger menu in upper-right->more->support->"Record TMF Data"  to start a manual recording session. 5 seconds after tapping the button the B1 will record for the duration of 10 seconds; during this time you will see a spinning indicator. In this 10-second window, you must throw or hit a pitch so the B1 will collect data for your ball-tracking event.

Thereafter the system will compose an email with an attachment. Please write a few words in the email about your problem and then tap send. This will create a support case and you will receive an email reply with your case# shortly thereafter.

For manual recording we recommend you repeat the process 2-3 times as there is no indication of successfully capturing the required data - the B1 system simply records sensor data passively for 10 seconds. 


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