B1 | Connect the B1 to an existing Wi-Fi Access Point or via Ethernet

The default factory configuration for the TrackMan B1 is to provide its own Wi-Fi Access Point for connectivity between the TrackMan Baseball App on your iPad and the B1. This gives you a truly portable Baseball tracking solution without needing to bring any other electronic equipment when scouting or collecting data on players.


With App Version 1.42 and later it is possible to reconfigure the B1 to use one of the following connectivity modes:

  • Wi-Fi Access Point. B1 provides a Wi-Fi network named TMBP XXXX-XXXX
  • Wi-Fi Client. B1 connects to an existing (office, facility) Wi-Fi network
  • Ethernet. B1 connects to an existing (office, facility) network via fixed Ethernet

1. You can select a different connectivity mode when you are already connected to the B1: Select the menu in upper right and then tap "Change connection mode":


2. You will then be brought to the Connection Wizard screen:


3. If you select "Wi-Fi Client" you must provide a correct access point name (SSID) and correct password. If any of this info is entered incorrectly, the B1 will endlessly try and fail to connect and you will have to recover and restore to factory setting "Access Point" by performing a factory reset.


4. If you connect the B1 to an Ethernet connection then the B1's Wi-Fi Access Point will become unavailable until the Ethernet cable is unplugged.


In all the above cases, you must ensure the iPad can connect to the same (sub-)network as the B1; otherwise, the TrackMan Baseball App will not be able to find the B1 device.

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