B1 | How to update firmware

TrackMan regularly releases firmware updates for the TrackMan B1. These updates may contain improvements to the ball tracking algorithms, new capabilities for the B1 hardware, tracking performance improvements, and bug-fixes.

When a new firmware is available, you will find release notes on the TrackMan Web Portal. You will be notified about the update in the TrackMan Baseball App if the B1 you most recently connected to the App has an older firmware version installed.

Beginning with app version 1.66 and newer the TrackMan Baseball app will check for and download the latest firmware version as part of the application startup. Please note that firmware will only be downloaded if the iPad has internet connection. (Not the B1 Wi-Fi)

We recommend you complete the update process as soon as notified but you have the option to:

  • Defer and get a reminder the following day OR
  • Download the firmware to your iPad immediately and then later when convenient manually update the B1 via the menu->more->firmware and tap the "Update" button:




The update process takes about 5 minutes and the App will guide you through the necessary steps. You need both internet connectivity (to download the update to your iPad) and after that connectivity to your B1 (to install the update from your iPad to the B1):

1. First download the update to your iOS App, while connected to the internet:

(NOTE: If you don't see a firmware update available, you may have to connect to the B1 Wi-Fi first so the app can recognize the current firmware version installed, then connect back to a Wi-Fi network.)


2. Then connect to the B1 (open settings to switch wifi network) and install the update:




3. The B1 will reboot when the upgrade is complete; please wait about 1 min for the reboot to complete (solid green light on the front of B1) and then reconnect:


4. You can then verify that your B1 is on the correct firmware version by tapping on the TrackMan icon in the upper right:












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