B1 | Error Message in App (Interference)

The Trackman Baseball App is able to let the user know when interference is detected which can affect the radar's performance inside the B1.  This warning will appear only after the B1 has been calibrated and it is ready to track.

The radar should optimally be used in an obstruction-free setting, i.e. no objects other than the pitcher and catcher in the FOV (field of view).  Radars are sensitive to certain objects/materials such as metallic walls, moving fans that have metallic blades, aluminum fences, and even fluorescent lights.

When the firmware in the B1 detects noise in the area that potentially can interfere with the radar, the product App will display a pop-up message informing the user that interference (noise) is detected, and displays a suggestion as to what could be the cause as mentioned above as seen in the image below.


Once the user clicks away the pop-up warning message, a yellow warning dot will remain on the radar icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app, until the noise is no longer present.  The user is still able to use the B1 but should be aware that data accuracy or pick-up rate can be degraded due to interference.


Interference often presents itself in an indoor type setting, but can also be seen outdoors for example if the pitcher is standing in front of an aluminum fence or metallic wall, therefore the user should be aware of the area where the B1 will be used, and ensure these type of objects do not have the potential to interfere with the B1 radar.  The user should try to move the B1 far enough away so the interference warning is no longer present.  


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