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This page provides an overview of the Player Management system in the TrackMan Portable B1.


Player Profiles

Adding profiles to your player list

Synchronize player list to the Baseball App


The Player Management system contains a list of player profiles you can use to attach meta-data to ball tracking events during your practice sessions. The list is *private* to your organization and can be managed by an admin, analyst, coach or scout role (see User Management, roles, permissions for more details).

You can view the player list both via the TrackMan Web Portal and within the TrackMan Baseball App via the menu->more->"Player Management" in upper right corner.




Player Profiles

Each player has a profile with meta data which is used when you tag ball tracking activity during a practice session with your player or client. The data used in the App and to populate player and coach reports and/or data export feeds. The system differentiates between 3 types of players and depending on type you may be able to edit none, some or all elements of a player's profile:

Type Description What is editable?
Roster Player Player that is part of a Baseball team roster (HS, NCAA, Pro team). Rosters are managed by TrackMan.

Profile is read-only.

Roster/team assignment is read-only and you can not add/remove a profile from your player list.

Official Player  Player from the official TrackMan Player database 

Profile is read-only.

You can add or remove the profile from your list of known players.

Private Player A private player created by system user before or during a session. All elements on the profile is read/writable.
You can create or remove the profile from your list of players.


  • Roster players: TrackMan uses various official sources (MLB, college team websites, etc) to update rosters for pro teams and top colleges on a regular basis during Baseball season. When players are traded, drafted, released or assigned, the TrackMan database will be updated including which team/school the player is assigned.
  • Official Players: TrackMan maintains a database of known players from pro teams, colleges, large amateur/scouting events and some high schools around the world. Player meta data is updated regularly and made available to various TrackMan Baseball products. In the TrackMan Portable system, you can search this database and then add an official profile to your list of players. This not only saves you time entering/updating information, but also benefits you and the player by assigning data captured across various activities (games, bullpens, showcases) and times (high-school, college and pro) to the same player profile. Lastly, official players are linked to their official playerID (MLB, NPB, college roster ID) which is available to you both in the App, in reports and/or data exports so you can use that PlayerID to link with other data you have on the same player from other 3rd party sources.
  • Private Players: If you are conducting a practice session with a player not know to TrackMan, then  you can create a new profile you can use in the current and future sessions to ensure all data is linked to the same player. Such profiles are private to your organization; if you create a "Max Slider" profile, no other organizations will be able to see or use the profile. Such profiles will get a TrackMan unique playerID which you may use to uniquely identify such player.

Below an example of an Official player profile (incl. his MLB ID) for David Price when he was playing with the RedSox. Per above, if you were the RedSox organization in 2019, then this profile would be part of the 2019 roster, be pre-populated in your player list and not removable. If you were the LA Dodgers organization, then this player would be part of the 2020 roster and not removable. If you are a facility and the player is doing (offseason) work at your facility, then you can add them to your player list so you can track and attach correct meta data to your session. This data is of course only visible to your facility and the player and you can leverage the official playerID to combine/link with data from other sources.

To grant a player access to their own data, you can invite them to your organization by adding their email address to the player profile. For more details see User Management, roles, permissions and player data access.


Adding profiles to your player list

If your organization is using our TrackMan Stadium system, then the player list in the TrackMan Portable system will be pre-populated with the rosters for your school, college or pro team. You can not remove any players from your list but you can add new (official or private) players to your list - see below. Please contact TrackMan support if you believe a pre-populated roster list is incorrect/outdated


If your organization is a standalone facility, a school, college or pro team that does not have a TrackMan Stadium (game) system then your TrackMan Portable system will have no pre-populated player profiles and the player list will be empty on day one.


You can search-and-add any official TrackMan player or you can manually create new players. Search-and-add players via the Player Management menu tapping the "+ ADD Player" button and entering the (partial) name and then tapping "Add" for one of the matching players in the search result:


If your desired player is not appearing in the search results, then you can create a new player. Note that first-name, last-name, DOB and handedness are all mandatory elements.


Synchronize player list to and form the Baseball App

After you have updated your playlist via the WebPortal you then need to make sure you synchronize your changes to the App: Your iPad must be connected to the internet; then restart the App you will see a "Synchronizing Players" info message at the bottom part of the screen. Once complete, then go to the App's menu in upper right corner, tap more ("...") and select Player Management. Review the list of players here to ensure all desired changes have been updated.

You may also search-and-add players from the TrackMan database; this is only possible when connected to the internet and not when offline or connected to a Trackman B1.

You can *not* edit any player profile details in the App but you have an ability to create an "ad-hoc" private player: This feature is only available during the process of starting a new session (green button upper left). When you get to the line-up screen you can select from all the player profiles that hav been synchronized to your iPad or create a new ad-hoc private player. Be aware: If you create  new ad-hoc player in an iPad A then this will *only* be available to other iPads B and C in your organization *after* you have completed the session and synchronized iPad A to the cloud and *thereafter* synchronized iPads B,C to the cloud.



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