B1 | Frequency Group Configuration Instructions for Using Multiple B1's Simultaneously

If you have any questions about unlocking these additional frequencies, please contact your TrackMan sales representative.
You can change the (radar) frequency of a B1 system if you run into interference issues when using multiple adjacent B1 systems on practice mounds/cages or nearby systems that utilize radar (other ball-tracking systems, possibly even some speed guns).
Configuration options and simultaneous B1 systems:
  • All B1 systems are shipped pre-configured with 4 frequency groups- either groups 15,16,17,18 or groups 19,20,21,22. In this configuration, you can use up to 4 adjacent B1 systems concurrently following the placement matrix later in this document.
  • B1 systems with firmware version >=1.3.1 have the option to unlock additional frequencies to enable you to use up to 12 adjacent B1 systems concurrently. Unlocking frequencies can be done by following the below steps:
How to change the frequency for each B1:
  1. Connect your iPad/desktop to the B1 wifi:
        1. Open internet settings
        2. Find serial number of desired B1
        3. Enter desired B1 specific password (default is “password”)
  2. In the browser go to 
  3. Tap the login button on the web page. The site has no password - your B1 should already be secured by using a wifi password
  4. On the web-page click  Setup->Advanced
    1. At bottom of screen there is a drop-down for Frequency Set. NOTE: Your B1 system will either have frequency group (15,16,17,18) or (19,20,21,22). If you have unlocked additional frequencies you will have a and b variations of some of these (15a,15b etc)
  5. Change the frequency of the B1 per configuration matrix at bottom of the page.
    1. If you run 1 B1 you can use any frequency
    2. If you run two adjacent B1s then you must lane 1, 2 or lane 3, 4 combo from below
    3. if you run three adjacent B1s you must use lane 1, 2, 3 or lane 2, 3, 4 combo from below
    4. etc.
  6. Click "Apply". This will reboot the B1. If you have calibrated before the change you will need to calibrate again. NOTE: This may take few moments.  When the green light on the front of the unit is blinking, it is ready to connect. 
How to change the frequency for each B1 through the TrackMan Baseball app:
  1. Connect your iPad to the B1 wifi:
  2. Open up the TrackMan Baseball App
  3. Connect to your B1 within the app
  4. Tap on the hamburger (three-bar) menu in the upper right
  5. Tap on More > Frequency
  6. Select a frequency that is different from your other B1
  7. After you apply the change the B1 will reboot
  8. Once the B1 reboots, you can connect back to the B1 Wi-Fi
Placement matrix:
As of November 2022, you can reliably run up to 12 B1s simultaneously using the below placement matrix. Additional B1s may create reflections that impact tracking signals for reliable tracking. NOTE: Each adjacent parallel B1 must be at least 10ft. (3m.) separately measured from center-to-center.

NOTE: When using multiple B1s next to each other. Separate XX, XXa and XXb units as far apart


If you have any questions about unlocking these additional frequencies, please contact your TrackMan sales/support representative.

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